The Plock – Kyle’s Community Parkland

Following the creation of our Plock Masterplan in 2018, Delivering the Masterplan started in December 2020 with the recruitment of a ranger and outdoor learning and wellbeing officer implementing the recommendations.  There is a range of activities from improved access and visitor infrastructure to green outdoor activities for all ages, guided walks and a community shed.

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Lochalsh Collaborates

In January 2019 KLCT met with local community groups and Community Councils to start a Lochalsh-wide conversation on local needs and priorities.  This led to a Development Officer being appointed to work with the community to design and undertake the consultation, develop Community-led Action Plan(s) and start developing projects in the area.

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Viking Living Village

Viking invaders are recorded in Skye and Lochalsh as early as 794AD. By 875AD Norwegian settlers began arriving, fleeing revolution at home. They settled all through the islands of the north and west of Scotland. This project aims to raise awareness of Viking life in Lochalsh, promote Lochalsh Viking heritage to visitors to the area and create a rich cultural and educational centre. 

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Lochalsh Food Project

Developed as a result of the Lochalsh Community Survey, the project aims to give improved access to land for community growing, including polytunnels, allotments or orchards. The project also aims reduce loneliness and increase wellbeing and physical fitness through a range of activities.

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Plock Hub Building

Plock Hub Building

A major infrastructural project identified by the Plock Masterplan was to create a Hub building that would provide recreational facilities such as toilets and a café as well as a multipurpose room and some office space for KLCT. The Hub is seen as an essential infrastructure that would support many of the other projects planned at the Plock.

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Accommodation Pods

Identified in the Plock Master plan as having a major role in bringing  a sustainable income to manage the parkland area and support KLCT’s operations.  The design consultation process has been delayed but is still an important feature of the organisation’s on-going operations.

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Kyle Car Parking

Arguably car parking is the biggest issue in Kyle, as most of the traffic passing through the village doesn’t stop because there is nowhere to park. With most of the parking places taken up by people who travel to work in Kyle, local businesses are not only missing out on the increasing tourist season in the area but are truly disadvantaged and unable to grow. This in turn has an impact on the amount of products and services local people can access in Kyle.

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Lochalsh Community Response

In 2020 we launched Lochalsh Community Response, thanks to already having good working relationships established with groups and Community Councils in Lochalsh.  A number of initiates were set up to support individuals and community groups.  While the services have wound down, some have shaped the future of KLCT and will continue.  Some resources created during this time are still available.

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Past Projects

Over the years there has been a number of projects which have supported and developed Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust to get it to where we are today.  

Past Projects

The areas covered by our work include :

The village of Kyle of Lochalsh

All the villages on the roads to Shiel and Glenelg

The area surounding the village of Plockton

Eilean Bàn


Plockton, IV52 8TW


Kyle of Lochalsh, IV40 8BW

Map of Lochalsh showing : the village of Kyle of Lochalsh,  all the villages on the roads to Shiel and Glenelg and the areas surounding the village of Plockton.