The top car park in Kyle in early morning

Car Parking

Arguably car parking is the biggest issue in Kyle, as most of the traffic passing through the village doesn’t stop because there is nowhere to park. With most of the parking places taken up by people who travel to work in Kyle, local businesses are not only missing out on the increasing tourist season in the area but are truly disadvantaged and unable to grow. This in turn has an impact on the amount of products and services local people can access in Kyle.

Parking has always been an issue in Kyle as the topography does not allow for easy and straightforward development, forcing us to consider innovative solutions such as infills and building over the railway track. With the financial support from SSE, we have appointed an engineering company, Fairhurst, to carry out a feasibility study of car parking in Kyle. Stage 1 of that study has been completed and the final report can be accessed here.

Time frame: 2018

Funding: £6,600