Heather and Clair all ready to deliver bags of food.

Lochalsh Youth Community Trust (LYCT) and Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust (KLCT) have partnered up in a food share project to distribute food from the Kyle Co-op that is still good but can no longer be sold. This service is available for anyone living in Lochalsh or Kyleakin & Kylerhea Community Council area. Those who require support in this manner can call the food aid helpline on 01599 534505. Please note that what can be distributed from the Co-op varies in amounts and also in types of food. 

Caroline Langlands, Youth worker for LYCT, said: “Before the Highlands had entered the world of Covid-19, Lochalsh Youth Community Trust began the process of becoming registered on the Co-op food share project. This food was going to be used to continue cookery classes for teenagers and at the clubs, girls’ group and the youth clubs.” 

Foreseeing that the outbreak will cause many local families to lose income and find it hard to put food on the table, the Youth Trust decided to distribute the food, which would have otherwise gone to waste, with the help of volunteers. They approached KLCT for support with co-ordination and resources. The two organisations are now working together to deliver this new service to our community. 

If anyone would like to volunteer with answering phone calls or delivering food, please email us on info@lochalshcommunityresponse.co.uk or fill out the volunteer form on www.lochalshcommunityresponse.co.uk 

Both organisations would like to thank the existing volunteers for their support and the Co-op staff who adapted quickly and could not have been more helpful.