Museum of Foteviken – Sven Rosborn / CC BY-SA

Viking Village

The idea of a Viking heritage project formed part of the Plock Masterplan community consultation. It was first forwarded by Gordon McIntyre, Lochalsh’s own local Viking amateur historian. Viking invaders are recorded in Skye and Lochalsh as early as 794AD and over the following centuries Norway played a major part in the area’s history. By 875AD Norwegian settlers began arriving, fleeing revolution at home. They settled all through the islands of the north and west of Scotland and were soon launching raids against their former homeland. 

This project aims to raise awareness of Viking life in Lochalsh, promote Lochalsh Viking heritage to visitors to the area and create a rich cultural and educational centre. 

In May 2020, we have successfully secured funding from SSE’s Highland Sustainable Development Fund. The funding will allow us to employ a part-time Project Officer for 2 years to work with our community and various stakeholders and consultants to develop the Viking Village concept in a way that fits our community’s aspirations and brings social, cultural and economic benefits to the area. 

Time frame: March 2019 – ongoing

Funding: £66,794

Funders: SSE Highland Sustainable Development Fund

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