One of the popular field days for the local young people

Youth Project

The Plock has the potential to bring benefits not only to the community as a whole, but also to be a fun and interesting place for our young generation.

We would like to give an opportunity to our local Youth to create something on the Plock that they would like to see. More than that! We want them to get fully involved in delivering this project, to gain a range of skills as well as the confidence and self-belief that is so important to succeed in life. At the end of the project, they will also be able to say proudly that THEY created a change in their community and developed something for all kids to enjoy.

One teenager has already carried out a survey at a local High School to see which project ideas are most popular and the results of this survey will be included in our Plock Masterplan.

Time frame: December 2017 – ongoing

And finally … a few pics from one of our youth days. As you can see we all had a great time!