To the right of the road … the beautiful Plock of Kyle


The first project at the Plock was an essential precursor to any future development, creating the groundwork, developing access and bringing the area back into the life of the community. We now want to build on that and carry out a range of further improvements and developments in a sustainable way that will help to create widespread benefits for our community while preserving the natural beauty and uniqueness of the Plock.

Funded by the Scottish Land Fund, we appointed a team of consultants and architects to develop a Masterplan that identified the best way to utilize the Plock according to our community’s aspirations identified by numerous community engagement activities.
Our team of consultants worked hard to narrow down the list of projects proposed by the local community. The results of their assessment draw on the feedback from the community, financial and market appraisal of all projects, consideration for the environmental aspects of the site and technical and engineering viability.

The Masterplan has now been finalized and we are in a process of applying for funding to take some of these projects forward. You can view the summary of our business plan here and a Masterplan here.

Time frame: February 2018 – June 2018
Funding: £22,620
Funders: Scottish Land Fund 


Scottish Land Fund 

Below you can see some of the highlights from a Family Day we held at the Plock on 14th April 2018 as part of the community engagement activities we organised to seek peoples’ view for the Masterplan.