To the right of the road … the beautiful Plock of Kyle


The first project at the Plock was an essential precursor to any future development, creating the groundwork, developing access and bringing the area back into the life of the community. In preparation for taking the ownership of the Plock from Hamilton Park Trustees, KLCT applied successfully to the Scottish Land Fund to develop a Masterplan for the Plock and the Toll Office which would help us visualise our community’s aspirations for these assets. In February 2018 we appointed a team of consultants and architects who assisted us with community consultation, financial and market appraisal of all project ideas, consideration for the environmental aspects of the site and technical and engineering viability.

The final Masterplan was developed based on extensive community consultation and consists of a range of projects with economic, recreational, educational, cultural and environmental benefits for the area. In a nutshell, we hope to create a fantastic community hub at the parkland area which would consist of activities and recreational facilities for our community and visitors. There is currently no natural gather place in Kyle and we hope that the Plock will grow to be the heart of our community with its fantastic recreational space and easy access from the village. The Plock will also bring sustainable income to the Trust, create jobs in Kyle and will encourage visitors to Skye to stay a bit longer in the village which should provide a boost to local businesses.

The Masterplan was finalised in 2018 and we are now working to take some of these projects forward. You can view the summary of our business plan here, full Masterplan here and a map-based visualisation of the Masterplan here.

Time frame: February 2018 – June 2018
Funding: £22,620
Funders: Scottish Land Fund 


Scottish Land Fund 

Below you can see some of the highlights from a Family Day we held at the Plock on 14th April 2018 as part of the community engagement activities we organised to seek peoples’ view for the Masterplan.