Delivering our Masterplan 

In preparation for taking the ownership of the Plock from Hamilton Park Trustees, KLCT applied successfully to the Scottish Land Fund to develop a Masterplan for the Plock and the Toll Office which would help us visualise our community’s aspirations for these assets.  

In March 2020, we secured a funding package to deliver a range of activities at the Plock and the Toll Office for 3 years. 

The work programme was delayed due to Covid but staff were appointed at the end of 2020 and work is progressing now.  The capital works at the Toll Office has taken place and sign off is awaited. This work has given disabled access to the Toll Office, created a community space and allowed us to host a range of outdoor events and groups to the Plock.

Green Activities

One of the clear messages that came out of the Plock Masterplan in 2018 was that our community would love to see more activities happening at the Plock, with specific emphasis on nature and well-being activities and events.

Since then, we have worked to understand what activities local people would like to see and how to link them with some of the main local issues experienced in Kyle and the surrounding area.

In the process, we developed some strong relationships with the Highland Green Health Partnership, our GP practice and local organisations supporting vulnerable people in our community. Thanks to this work, in summer 2019 Kyle of Lochalsh was chosen as one of 3 areas in the Highlands to test social prescribing of green activities.

Delivering the Masterplan has allowed us to employ a Ranger and Outdoor Learning & Well-being Officer, to deliver a range of activities for all ages and abilities, conservation volunteering opportunities and organise a events at the Plock.

Community Shed

Creation of a Community Shed at the Toll Office is included in Delivering the Masterplan.  The capital work has created a space for the community shed.  Our funding will help us to appoint tutors who will help people in learning new skills either in wood-working, DIY, electronics or whatever the users might want to learn.  The start date for this has been delayed but we hope to have progress soon

As with many areas in the UK, our community would like to see a safe space created for men and women who might either find it hard to socialise, would like to learn some new skills or just do some practical work in a safe environment. The benefits of Men’s Sheds or Community Sheds are wide-ranging and significant for the individuals involved; from improving mental health, boosting self-confidence, reducing anxieties to learning new skills or making new friends.


Time frame: September 2019

Funding: £354,975 (part of 3 years of funding for activities at the Plock)

Funders: National Lottery Heritage Fund, National Lottery Community Fund, Highland Green Health Partnership, Skye Bridge Trust, Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust, LEADER, Think Health Think Nature, Baillie Gifford