We are sooo super excited to share with you early drafts of our Plock Hub building designs.

Above you can view early visualizations of our future Hub building and space for events. All designs can be accessed here (Hand-drawn site plan, Hub site plan, precedents and materials presentation, Toll Office site plan, Plock Hub front view and Plock Hub rear view.

Below we wrote a description of the development and our plans to close off the vehicular access to the Plock from Heathmount Place. Please send us any comments (by the 3rd November) to development@lochalsh.uk or drop by our office to see hard copies of the designs.

The Hub building has been designed as a longhouse to keep in theme with the Viking Living Village that we will be developing at the Plock at a later stage. The building itself will have a cafe, toilets, reception, gift shop, office and staff rooms, storage and a multipurpose room for activities and meetings. At the west end of the building and adjacent to the cafe, we are also planning to make an outdoor space for kids to play. Any local parents and children who would like to get involved in designing this space are welcome to get in touch with us.

At the front of the building you can view a space which can be used to accommodate community and private events under Nordic styled event tents that can be set up when needed. There are also picnic tables and benches for people to sit at. At the rear of the building, there will be a communal fire pit where people will be able to grill sausages and burgers. We hope this will become a social hot spot for locals and a place to meet your neighbours and others alike.

The current gate at the entrance to the Plock from A87 will be removed to allow easier access. New parking will be created and fenced off from the rest of the Plock with an otter fence to make sure that no more otters make their way to the trunk road. Vehicular access to the Plock beyond the car park will be restricted to deliveries, people with mobility problems who want to see the view point, staff and emergency services. We are also considering introducing a few hours long limit of free parking to prevent people from leaving their cars indefinitely and using it as a free overnight sleeping camping area. 

The building is designed based on a Viking longhouse theme to work with the Viking Living Village that will be built at the Plock in the future. Our hub will have a cafe, toilets, reception, a gift shop, office and staff rooms as well as a multipurpose community and meeting room.

The current green gate at the entrance will be removed and people will be able to drive to a newly created parking area that will be enclosed by an otter fence to make sure that no otters find their way to the trunk road.

We are working with the Highland Council on a Stopping Up Order to close off the vehicular entrance to the Plock from Heathmount Place.  Pedestrians, cycles, wheelchairs and buggies will still be able to pass. Some of you might have heard that since the new entrance road was created through the Toll Office car park, residents living at the Heathmount Place have noticed a significant increase in traffic. Cars bottle-neck at the entrance to the Plock and then, unable to drive backwards when cars are approaching from an opposite direction, they are bumping into cars parked at residents’ drive ways. The traffic there can often be fast and not considerate of children playing on the road. We’ve also had complaints of people using the road as a shortcut when works were being carried out at the Corner Site and traffic was slow in the village centre. Finally, we’ve had information about locals using this entrance to transport wood cut illegally from the Plock and also to dump waste at the Plock. Due to all these reasons and especially for health and safety purposes, we think reducing the vehicular movement at the Plock to a minimum is the best solution.

There will be a formal consultation process organised by the Highland Council, however please feel free to also let us know whether you are for, neutral or against closing off the vehicular access to the Plock from Healthmount Place; and WHY. Your comments will be passed to the Highland Council and the more positive comments we get the better. Remember that it’s usually people who oppose things that send comments during consultations and as our case will ultimately be decided on by the Scottish Ministers, it’s important that they get both the positive and negative representations.