The Main survey has now closed

Thank you to all those who participated.  We are working to analyse the results and they will be published and presented in the coming months.  In the mean time we will be carrying out other activities to further develop out community action plans for each Community Council area as well as a Lochalsh wide plan.

Youth Survey

We have an additional youth survey for those under 30. Please take this chance, while you can to be involved in the future planning for the Lochalsh Communities.  There are only 4 questions and it is totally amanous.

Window Wanderland Festival

To celebrate the launch of the Lochalsh Collaborates Community Survey, a Window Wanderland Festival will take place on 26 27 28 February from 5pm to 10pm. Households, schools and businesses in Lochalsh are being invited to make a window display on any theme from the community survey.  Their displays, made using tissue paper and black card stuck to the windowpane, will be backlit by the room light behind.  The windows will then create a magical outdoor gallery display which anyone can wander out and enjoy during the hours of the festival.

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