People can now call 01599 534505 if they require help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, walking dogs or other errands. More information can be found on as well as a newly set up Facebook Page called Lochalsh Community Response. Leaflets are also being delivered this week to all households in Lochalsh.  Lochalsh Community Response includes many organisations, groups and community councils in Lochalsh and builds upon the work already undertaken by the Lochalsh Collaboration project which was already underway and building toward a Lochalsh-wide Community Consultation. 

The Covid-19 outbreak has catalysed members of the Lochalsh Collaboration to unite in their efforts to help vulnerable people across Lochalsh and support the various initiatives set up within their area. The Collaboration, that was initially set up by Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust to deliver an extensive community consultation across Lochalsh, has agreed to launch a Lochalsh helpline, leaflet, website and Facebook page as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak.  

Leaflets can also be accessed here.