The Car Charging Point just before the Skye Bridge

Car Charging Point

A car charging point was identified by our community as an important project in our Masterplan for the Plock. The charging point is located at the car park at our office – the former Skye Bridge Toll Office.

The charger has a quick charge option, circa 20 min, and a slower option of approximately 2 hours. Users will therefore have time to pop into the Kyle village which is only few minutes away by foot or explore the Plock’s beautiful natural heritage, including our viewpoint which has magnificent views towards Skye and Lochalsh.

Due to harsh winter weather conditions which caused water damage to the original charger, we are now working with our contractor to install a protective shelter.

Time frame: June 2018 – ongoing

Funding: £63,616.78

Funders: Energy Saving Trust