Lochalsh collaboration


Community Survey

We hope as many people as possible take part in the survey. This will be a crucial part of the community consultation and will help us to identify what the community’s priorities are. Community action plan – the results of the questionnaire and other community consultation will allow us to work together to finalise the vision for the future and agree the priorities for the community, both Lochalsh-wide and for each community council area. The plan will include the local area profiles to give background. Project development – once the community action plan has set its priorities, the Lochalsh Collaboration will work with the Community Planning Partnership, or with other bodies to encourage them to address the priorities or issues that have been raised. Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust will also work with other groups and organisations and the community to develop projects identified in the Community Action Plan.

Lochalsh Collaboration

In January 2019 KLCT met with local community groups and Community Councils to start a Lochalsh-wide conversation on local needs and priorities. This led to regular meetings supported and facilitated by the Scottish Communities Development Centre, where representatives from the various community council area received training on Community Empowerment legislation, consultation methods and tools and started work on designing a community-led consultation for Lochalsh.

In June 2019, representatives of the various groups and Community Councils signed a Working Agreement and the group successfully applied to the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund. This funding allowed for recruitment of a Community Development Officer for over 2 years who will work with the community of Lochalsh to design and undertake the consultation, develop Community-led Action Plan(s) and start developing projects in the area.

Time frame: October 2018 – ongoing

Funding: £109,096

Funders: Investing in Communities Fund