Plockton, showing the Harbour Street
Our employees


Development Officer

Joanna Wawrzyczek

Jo has a background in environmental sciences, working both in the UK and abroad. In her most recent role, she supported the Helmsdale community in exploring a potential community buyout of a crofting estate which resulted in a successful funding application to Scottish Land Fund. Jo has recently joined the board of director of Community Land Scotland. Her post is funded by HIE’s Strengthening Communities Programme.

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Book-keeper / Admin Assistant

David O’Donnell

David lives on the beautiful Isle of Skye. He has an academic background in business management and finance. He is a proud parent who is keen to embrace the third sector, having had plenty of experience in both the public and private sector.

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Lochalsh Community Development Officer

Susan Walker

Susan joined KLCT in 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus Covid-19 global pandemic. Her immediate focus was therefore to help KLCT to create and operate a robust Lochalsh Community Response to the crisis. Susan’s wider role within the organisation is to coordinate KLCT’s ‘Lochalsh Collaboration’ project and wider community consultation efforts and, in time, carry this work forward into project development. Susan lives on Skye and brings a wealth of experience from her previous close involvement with the Camuscross & Duisdale Initiative.

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Plock Project Officer

Janet Ullman

Janet has worked in the field of Landscape Conservation, Management and Environmental Education for over twenty years. She has experience of fundraising, EU funding, working as a Grants Adviser and an Environmental Education Contractor. In he last few years Janet has worked more locally with local community groups, identifying the real power to get anything done is through local action, which is always passionate and committed. Her post is funded by Scottish Land Fund.

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