The construction of a lower car park on the Plock of Kyle. There is a similar car park at the flagpole on the top of “The Plock”




  • Jan 20 – We’ve secured a Building Warrant for works at the Toll Office that will make it disabled friendly.
  • Jan 20 – We’ve secured £109,096 from the Investing in Communities Fund to support our Lochalsh Collaboration project.
  • Jan 20 – Our application to the National Lottery Community Fund for £120,000 towards activities at the Plock has been successful.
  • Feb 20 – Our car charging point has been installed and we also secured an additional £7,951 from the Energy Saving Trust to install a shelter for the charger.
  • Feb 20 – We are launching art activities at the Plock with a photography course for young people.
  • Mar 20 – We successfully secured £196,100 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for 3 years of green activities at the Plock.
  • Mar 20 – Building on the Lochalsh Collaboration, we’ve set up a Lochalsh Community Response to support our community during Covid-19 emergency.
  • Apr 20 – Susan Walker joined our team as the new Community Development Officer. Her role is to support the Lochalsh-wide consultation and work of Lochalsh Collaboration. Though due to Covid, her time has temporarily been allocated to support Covid projects.
  • Apr 20 – We’ve secured £24,125 from Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities and £500 from Community Land Scotland towards our Covid response projects in Lochalsh.
  • Apr 20 – We’ve secured £66,794 from the SSE’s Highland Sustainable Development Fund towards the development stage of a Viking Living Village. This funding will help us employ a Project Officer to do a range of community outreach events and develop the project idea up to a stage where (hopefully) funding will be secured to start construction.
  • Apr 20 – We’ve launched a number of Covid projects including: Lochalsh Helpline, Lochalsh Community Response website and Facebook page, Food Share, Community Food Vouchers, Community Newsletter, Virtual Meeting Space, Pilates videos, Bike Maintenance & Simple Repairs Videos and Financial support to other local groups delivering Covid projects.
  • Jun 20 – We’ve secured support from the Scottish Government’s Analytical Exchange Programme to review the sustainability of our community pontoons.
  • Jun 20 – National Lottery Community Fund agreed to refer us for consultancy support from the Impact Hub to undertake a strategic review of our organisation.
  • Jan 19 – We held a first of the monthly meetings with groups and Community Councils in Lochalsh to explore working together.
  • Feb 19 – KLCT takes ownership of the Plock of Kyle.
  • Feb 19 – KLCT takes ownership of the Toll Office.
  • Mar 19 – We held a very successful Well-being Event in Kyle.
  • Mar 19 – The Ward Discretionary Fund agreed to pay £5,000 towards our designs of the Plock Hub building and infrastructure.
  • Apr 19 – We completed trial activities that helped us collect necessary information for funding applications. Many thanks to everyone who helped to deliver the events!
  • Jun 19 – 14 organisations and Community Councils in Lochalsh signed a ‘Working Agreement’ and submitted a funding bid to the Investing in Communities Fund for support of the Lochalsh-wide Collaboration initiative.
  • Jun 19 – Our Development Officer, Jo Wawrzyczek, became a Director of the Community Land Scotland.
  • Jun 19 – Kyle has been chosen as one of 3 pilot areas by the Highland Green Health Partnership to test social prescribing of green activities.
  • Jul 19 – David O’Donnell joined our team, replacing Ellen Reid.
  • Aug 19 – We’ve moved our office to the Toll Office building!! Hurray!
  • Aug 19 – HIE agreed to pay £19,647 towards designs of the Plock Hub building and infrastructure.
  • Aug 19 – We’ve received a planning permission to install a car charging point at the Toll Office car park.
  • Aug 19 – £55,665.78 was secured from the Energy Saving Trust to install a car charging point.
  • Aug 19 – Tristan Southall join our Board of Trustees.
  • Aug 19 – We appointed Dualchas architects to design the Hub building and infrastructure at the Plock.
  • Sep 19 – We appointed Tansy Grigor-Taylor to design accommodation pods at the Plock and to design changes at the Toll Office that will make the building accessible for disabled people.
  • Sep 19 – A steering group has been set up for the social prescribing project and KLCT is part of it.
  • Sep 19 – The Highland Green Health Partnership has agreed to contribute £10,000 towards our activities project at the Plock.
  • Sep 19 – The local Community Planning Partnership has agreed that a large green health event, with a budget of £10,000, should be held at the Plock of Kyle.
  • Sep 19 – Janet Ullman joined our team, replacing Cheryl McIntyre as a Plock Project Officer.
  • Oct 19 – We’ve presented first drafts of the Plock Hub building designs to our community.
  • Nov 19 – We’ve held a very successful Halloween event at the Plock.
  • Dec 19 – We were granted £5,000 from the Think Health Think Nature towards art activities at the Plock.
  • November 2018 – Cheryl McIntyre joined our team as a Plock Project Officer. 
  • September 2018 – Ellen Reid joined our team as a Administration and Book-keeping Assistant.
  • August 2018 – Our Scottish Land Fund application for funds to purchase the Toll Office and finalize the transfer of the Plock has been successful. Part of the £67,240 will go towards employing a part-time Plock Project Officer for 2 years to help us take some of the projects forward.
  • July 2018 – Three new Directors joined the Trading Company.
  • June 2018 – Urras na Drochaid offered us £3,000 towards a wildlife hide and interpretive signage in Gaelic and English at the Plock.
  • June 2018 – Energy Saving Trust gave us a conditional offer of funding for 1 charging point for electric cars at the Toll Office car park. The condition is to own the building.
  • June 2018 – Masterplan for the Plock & the Toll Office has been finalized!
  • April 2018 – We held a Family Day at the Plock of Kyle & Toll Office
  • March 2018 – SSE agreed to pay for car parking study in Kyle
  • February 2018 – We launched out new website
  • February 2018 – KLCT awarded £24,990 from Scottish Land Fund to develop detailed Plock Masterplan and to look at business case for community ownership of former Toll Office
  • February 2018 – Development Officer delivered presentation at Community Land Scotland’s webinar for community trusts, giving details of previous community engagement which informed development of the Plock
  • February 2018 – Development Officer and Trustee met group of Plockton High School pupils as part of their ‘Youth and Philanthropy Initiative’ project. The pupils had chosen KLCT as their charity of choice
  • January 2018 – Members agreed to amend Trust’s Articles of Association to comply with Community Right to Buy legislation
  • December 2017 – Over 900 bulbs planted in Kyle village centre
  • December 2017 – Logo competition prize ceremony held, with first prize going to Morrigan Miller.
  • November 2017 – Strathdearn Community Developments Company came to learn from KLCT about Toilets and Plock projects
  • November 2017 – Trust held meeting with local businesses to discuss all projects
  • November 2017 – Plock development project chosen as one of three local causes for Co-op Local Community Fund
  • November 2017 – Community Clean-Up Event organised in Kyle
  • November 2017 – New Trust logo chosen by public vote from 61 entries
  • October 2017 – Kyle Gardening Club set up
  • October 2017 – Trust successfully passed first stage of Regeneration Capital Grant Fund’s application process and was invited to submit second stage application for pontoons expansion project
  • September 2017 – Trust representatives attended HIE’s National Conference in Aviemore
  • September 2017 – Community Clean-Up Event organised in Kyle
  • August 2017 – Sandy Anderson appointed to undertake feasibility study/business case for pontoons expansion project
  • August 2017 – Marine licence obtained from Marine Scotland for wintering pontoons in Kyleakin
  • August 2017 – Kids’ Logo Competition and Plock survey launched at Kyle Gala where Trust had stall
  • August 2017 – Highlands and Islands Enterprise contributed £2,000 towards feasibility study/business case to expand community pontoons and install breakwater
  • August 2017 – Crown Estate Scotland contributed £2,000 towards feasibility study/business case to expand community pontoons and install breakwater
  • June 2017 – Pontoons connected to power
  • May 2017 – Jo Wawrzyczek joined the team as new Development Officer
  • March 2017 – Marine Harvest provided financial contribution towards installation of power at pontoons
  • October 2016 – Feasibility study on KLCT’s involvement in development at Main Street Corner Site finalised and Trustees decided not to proceed due to high level of risks
  • June 2016 – Chrissie Gillies appointed as new Development Officer
  • April 2016 – Pontoons connected to WiFi
  • March 2016 – KLCT organised tree planting day at the Plock
  • March 2016 – Supported by financial contributions of £2.5k from Highland Council’s Ward Discretionary Budget and HIE, KLCT contracted out feasibility study into potential purchase and management of ground floor retail units which were to be created by Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association at Main Street Corner Site in Kyle
  • February 2016 – Launderette facility opened at public toilets in Kyle
  • November 2015 – KLCT took part in Plockton High School Fayre
  • November 2015 – Development Officer and two Trustees travelled to Edinburgh and East Lothian for study visit exploring community food enterprises
  • October 2015 – Local Management Agreement signed with Crown Estate for seabed under Kyle pontoons
  • October 2015 – Development Officer and one Trustee took part in two-day Community Capacity Building seminar hosted by HIE
  • August & September 2015 – KLCT had stalls at Kyle Gala and RNLI Maritime Day
  • August 2015 – Stuart Taylor appointed as new Development Officer
  • July – August 2015 – Trust organised Kyle Outdoor sessions at the Plock for local children
  • July 2015 – Refurbishment works in public toilets completed
  • May 2015 – Seashore Festival organised at the Plock in conjunction with National Trust for Scotland and Highland Seashore Project
  • May 2015 – HIE contributed over £4k towards pontoons and toilets refurbishment project
  • April 2015 – Second Toilet Attendant appointed
  • April 2015 – Ranger started blog reporting on life on the Plock including nature, history and development plans
  • October 2015 – Conservation volunteers group set up
  • March – April 2015 – Construction works at pontoons were undertaken
  • March 2015 – Awarded £26k from European Fisheries Fund and over £4k from Highland Council’s Discretionary Fund for pontoons and toilets project
  • February 2015 – Part-time Ranger appointed with funding support from BIG Lottery Community Spaces (in place until March 2016)
  • November 2014 – KLCT had stall at Plockton High School Christmas Fayre
  • November 2014 – KLCT held open day where it presented information about activities to date
  • August 2014 – First meeting held with engineering company contracted to oversee pontoons re-development work
  • July 2014 – KLCT employed Iain Galbraith as part-time Development Officer
  • June 2014 – KLCT set up trading company called Kyle & Lochalsh Trading Limited (KLT)
  • April 2014 – Part-time Toilet Attendant appointed
  • April 2014 – KLCT signed 10-year Service Level Agreement with Highland Council for management of public toilets and pontoons facilities in Kyle
  • April 2014 – KLCT takes over ownership and management of toilets and pontoons in Kyle from Highland Council
  • March 2014 – Trust held opening ceremony for access and infrastructure works at the Plock
  • March 2014 – Trust awarded £233k from European Fisheries Fund for towards improvements of Kyle toilets and pontoons facilities
  • February 2014 – HIE agreed to fund full-time Development Officer through their Capacity Building Programme on fixed term contract from April 2014 to June 2015
  • March 2014 – Highland Council’s Discretionary Fund contributed nearly £50k towards improvement works at the Plock
  • January 2014 – KLCT’s website set up
  • December 2013 – Conchra Trust agreed to contribute £15k towards pontoons development project
  • November 2013 – KLCT had stall at Plockton High School Christmas Fayre where 80 new people signed up as members
  • September 2013 – Community Development Plan created with funding support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Highland Council
  • June 2014 – Crown Estate funded feasibility study into development of community pontoons in Kyle
  • July 2013 – Highland Council agreed to transfer ownership of toilets and pontoons in Kyle to KLCT
  • June 2013 – One Trustee attended Community Land Scotland conference in Sleat
  • May 2017 – Meeting between KLCT and Transport Scotland (TS) held to discuss possibility of KLCT taking ownership of the Plock. Although positive to the idea, no commitment given by TS
  • March 2013 – Foundation Scotland (formerly Scottish Community Foundation) agreed to fund any legal costs associated with the setting up of trading company
  • February 2013 – KLCT became member of Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS)
  • February 2013 – Trust awarded £250k from Big Lottery Community Spaces Fund to carry out works on the Plock including new paths, access road, signage and landscape management and to create year-long ranger post
  • February 2013 – KLCT became member of Skye and Lochalsh Council for Voluntary Organisations (SLCVO)
  • Trust interviewed for BBC programme ‘Out of Doors’ and featured in West Highland Free Press
  • December 2012 – Six members of Trust spent two days with Mull & Iona Community Trust to learn from their 20 years of experience of community development
  • October 2012 – Planning application for access works at the Plock granted by Highland Council
  • October 2012 – In partnership with Hamilton Park Trustees, Trust successful in its application to Big Lottery Community Spaces Fund for £15k to investigate best way to open up the Plock and carry out improvements
  • August 2012 – KLCT held public drop-in session at Service Point for comments from the community prior to stage 2 Lottery application for Plock development
  • August 2012 – KLCT awarded charitable status
  • August 2012 – Kyle Development Group incorporated as company limited by guarantee and became Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust (KLCT)
  • Research carried out on Lighthouse Centre about possibility of taking on lease from Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association for possible use as charity shop
  • May 2012 – Members of Kyle Development Group visited Alness Community Association to learn from their experience of community regeneration
  • November 2011 – Kyle Development Group published “Our Way Ahead” – Kyle of Lochalsh Community Consultation and Socio-Economic Report
  • August 2011 – Kyle Development Group approached Transport Scotland about leasing Toll Office
  • June 2011 – Over-60s Tea Party held at Kyle Primary School
  • April 2011 – Easter treasure hunt organised on the Plock
  • March – November 2011 – Kyle Development Group undertook extensive public consultation called ‘Kyle Conversation’
  • March 2011 – Facebook page set up
  • December 2010 – Solicitors acting for KDG started communication with the Plock solicitors about possible transfer of ownership
  • First discussions took place with Hamilton Park Trustees (HPT) about potential transfer of the Plock to Kyle Development Group. HPT in favour of transferring ownership
  • Scottish Community Foundation provided funding and support for two-year period to Kyle Development Group to move forward
  • April 2010 – First meeting of like-minded people who thought something had to be done to reverse progressive decline of Kyle. New voluntary body set up – Kyle Development Group (KDP) – to investigate how to bring positive change to local community
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